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Regatta is a mission-critical, extreme performance transactional and analytical database that brings simplicity alongside powerful features.

Regatta is elastic and infinitely scalable. Deploy anything from a single node to clusters of tens of thousands of nodes that may store hundreds of petabytes of data. Unlike traditional scale-out-by-sharding databases that only have limited functionality across single-shard boundaries, any of Regatta’s functionality, whether transactional or analytical, is always fully supported across the entire cluster – regardless of how data is distributed across the nodes. Moreover, Regatta was designed with distributed and parallel algorithms that can optimally exploit the cluster-wide resources, resulting in linearly scalable performance for both transactional and analytical activities.

Regatta offers the strongest ACID guarantees, powered by groundbreaking technology that allows distributed transactions at large scale and high performance. Unlike other distributed SQL databases, those powerful transactional capabilities do not compromise analytics capabilities or bulk workloads. On the contrary, lengthy distributed reporting and analytics can take place concurrently to the transactional activities – realizing OLAP and OLTP on the same data at large scale and high performance. Bulk operations such as high-rate ingress can be performed full-steam, leveraging the inherent high bandwidth available in scale-out architectures that allow clients to communicate with all the database nodes concurrently.

While such a product sounds inherently complex, Regatta is very simple to use. Unlike many scale-out products that place responsibility for many decisions regarding for example data placement on the user, Regatta automatically distributes data according to simple user-defined constraints and policies.

Distributed Strong ACID
Regatta’s innovative concurrency-control protocol in combination with its advanced distributed mechanisms deliver strong transactions in large clusters at high performance. Uniquely, Regatta guarantees strong ACID across the entire cluster - for both structured and semi-structured data.
Real-time OLAP and OLTP
Execute analytics alongside fast transactions and/or massive data ingress. Queries operate on real-time consistent data - that is distributed across the cluster - without blocking transactions in any way. Regatta aggregates compute resources across the cluster to significantly shorten query completion times.
Linearly Scalable Performance
Regatta’s distributed and parallel algorithms exploit cluster-wide resources to deliver linearly scalable performance for both transactional and analytical operations. Adding more nodes and resources increases overall transaction rates and accelerates lengthy queries' completion times.
High Performance and Efficiency
Regatta delivers extreme performance by both maximizing individual nodes' performance and leveraging cluster-wide resources. Regatta uses RAM, CPU, disk, and network as leanly as possible, which not only improves execution performance time, but also keeps total costs down.
Hyper-scalable Cluster
Regatta clusters scale from a single node to tens of thousands of nodes with hundreds of petabytes of data. Unlike traditional scale-out sharding, all of Regatta’s functionality - whether transactional or analytical - is always fully supported across the entire cluster, regardless of how data is distributed across the nodes.
Bulletproof Resilience
Regatta guarantees no-compromise, robust, state-of-the-art high availability and resilience of both compute and data. Regatta’s autohealing ensures both local high availability and geographical multi-site disaster-recovery.
Total Elasticity
Regatta allows you to start with your “best guess” without prior capacity planning and to fine-tune later, on-the-fly, based on actual workloads. Easily add or remove nodes and devices, or change any rules and settings - following which Regatta takes the necessary actions to non-disruptively rebalance accordingly.
Powerful yet Easy to Use
Regatta provides users a feature-rich, powerful yet simple experience. Application developers can focus on business logic only, and safely ignore data infra challenges, race conditions, corner cases, or any other issues traditionally associated with databases, ETL processes, and data warehouses.
Distributed SQL
Use standard SQL to build, scale, and maintain your applications with a familiar interface. Standard SQL helps maximize application code portability at no or minimal efforts.
Rich Unified Data Model
Regatta’s relational data model naturally expands to include NoSQL-like data expressiveness. Cells can contain a single value but also structures, nested structures, and containers such as lists and arrays with a dynamic number of elements - delivering capabilities generally associated with the likes of JSON, XML, and YAML.
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