Press release: Regatta Opens Early Access Program

October 25, 2023

World’s first OLxP database available to select customers

Regatta is now immediately available for select customers for testing and evaluation. Contact Regatta if you are interested in participating.Regatta represents the first of a new category of database system – an OLxP database. OLxP databases are characterized by: 1) a modern distributed cloud native architecture; 2) strict consistency and SQL interfaces; 3) extreme performance and efficiency; 4) flexible data types and structures; 5) unique ability to performance complex analytics directly on transactional data eliminating the cost and complexity of ETL, data pipelines, duplication of data, and the time latency those create. Put together, this new database category represents a huge leap forward for existing workloads, and also enables use cases that were previously impossible to solve.
Regatta is built on a foundation of new innovation, and new fundamental computer science that will change expectations of what is possible in a database system. Regatta is available on AWS, Azure as well as for on-premises deployments. Google Cloud Platform support will be added in 2024.

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