Connecting Regatta with the tools you love.

Join us (July 31st @ 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific, 4pm GMT) for this hands-on session. We’ll cover using Regatta in practice, integrating with your development environment, framework and tools, as well as Kafka and other sources of data (in cases where Regatta itself isn’t the source).

Builders like good tools. Integrating Regatta with the good tools you like into great tools you will love!

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    Didi Atzmony

    Customer Success Regatta

    Didi is the person that connects a lot of things going on at Regatta and all-around Renaissance Man. Didi is leading our Early Access Program, driving product feedback into engineering, documentation, building the support systems and processes and much, much more. Prior to joining Regatta Didi worked both in startups and large enterprises in various roles that were likewise glue between customers and product teams. Previously he worked at Dell, EMC, ScaleIO.

    Chad Sakac

    VP GTM Regatta

    Chad heads up the customer side of things at Regatta, working with the early adopter customers and driving the feedback loop on product marketing and how we talk to the outside world. Chad is a proud geek and nerd, in spite of having been a senior executive at EMC, Dell, and VMware. He was (and always will be) an SE at heart, having lead 5,000 field technical peers, and also was the President of VCE.


    This webcast will walk through how to integrate Regatta with your development environment, data, and other tools. It will cover Python, Node.js, JDBC clients as well as integration with Kafka.

    Regatta is an OLxP system that morphs to the needs of your application, not the other way around.

    Regatta is distributed, scales simply, guarantees strong ACID and has exceptionally high performance and efficiency.

    Regatta eliminates unnecessary infrastructure, pipelines and data copies.

    Uniquely, Regatta enables the execution of complex OLAP queries on 100% up-to-date transactional data, eliminating the need for complex ETL and data pipelines that often result in outdated data subsets.

    Ultimately, Regatta simplifies.

    In this webcast, we’ll show how to get the party started!

    There’s nothing like doing.

    Regatta is changing what people think is possible from transactional, relational systems. OLxP databases like Regatta are: 1) modern cloud native distributed scale-out architectures; 2) have linear scaling with unbeatable efficiency; 3) are uniquely able to do complex analytics at petabyte scales directly on the transactional data without slowing down. We are making the impossible, possible. Sign up to stay in the loop – and start using Regatta and challenge us to put up or shut up!

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