Do you feel that?

That earth you feel shaking is the foundational computer science assumptions and dogma that underpin all the databases that exist today. Join us as we reveal what we’ve been working on for the last 4 years. We’re pretty excited about it!

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    Boaz Palgi

    CEO Regatta

    Boaz is the CEO and one of the founders of Regatta. He, along with Eran and Erez have founded multiple data persistence, data management startups that power some of the largest enterprises in the world, and are deployed at exabyte scales in production.

    Chad Sakac

    VP GTM Regatta

    Chad heads up the customer side of things at Regatta, working with the early adopter customers and driving the feedback loop on product marketing and how we talk to the outside world. Chad is a proud geek and nerd, in spite of having been a senior executive at EMC, Dell, and VMware. He was (and always will be) an SE at heart, having lead 5,000 field technical peers, and also was the President of VCE.


    This is an hour long introduction to Regatta, and the first public reveal of what we have been working on. Expect it to raise as many questions as it answers – and we look forward to your questions!

    We will reveal the drivers for the Regatta design, how the system works, and the resulting behavior that makes it the world’s first OLxP Database. Adapts to the workload vs. forcing the app and dev to fit the database patterns. Distributed, scale-out… without giving an inch on consistency and serializability. Ultra high performance and low latency, but more importantly ultra efficient – meaning more for less. And, a truly unique super-power: the ability to run complex analytical queries directly on the transactional data… without affecting performance. Skeptical? GREAT! come and join to learn how we’re doing it!

    There’s nothing like doing.

    Regatta is changing what people think is possible from transactional, relational systems. OLxP databases like Regatta are: 1) modern cloud native distributed scale-out architectures; 2) have linear scaling with unbeatable efficiency; 3) are uniquely able to do complex analytics at petabyte scales directly on the transactional data without slowing down. Many people think this is impossible. We disagree. Sign up to stay in the loop – and start using Regatta and force us to put up or shut up!

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